Welcome To Highness Panini
india the land where food is god and the people have an inherent sense and liking for tasty and spicy food. Highness has been catering to that very sensibility of the people of India since 2002, with its very own, home-grown offering – PANINI.
Panini, or Panino [pa’ni?no] is an Italian word for a sandwich made from bread, other than sliced bread, which Italians call tramezzino. For Panino, the bread is cut horizontally and filled with delicious ingredients such as cottage cheese, jalapeno, mayonnaise, mushrooms and other fresh veggies served warm after having been pressed by a warming grill.
All in all, Highness Panini, is the most desirable treat for the hungry hearts as  All in all, Highness Panini, is the most desirable treat for …





Singhada aloo paratha - This was the first time we tried this unique concept of singhada paratha. They were crispy and filled with generous amount of potato filling.

I will not lie, I did NOT like this place.! The ambience was okish, but the service was too slow. Staff was very ignorant. And the food was NOT good. The cheese Nuggets which we ordered tasted like it was made in stale oil. Quantity was too less as compared to the price.!

We ordered take away from this place and the service was quick and food was hot and freshly made. As the name says, this place specializes in panini and you should definitely try their panini. Panini is nicely stuffed and all juicy and cheesy. It was nicely grilled, neither too soft nor too crunchy, just right. Also loaded with vegetables and sauces.